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Fireplaces: FAQ


Take all the advantages of FireRock and make a center piece for your backyard. Installs fast and looks great. Pre-engineered for strength and a perfect draw. Nothing enhances your outdoor living space more than the natural beauty of a FireRock Fireplace. Easy to use and virtually maintainance free these traditional fireplaces extend our precious summer season. Unlike many other amenities it will increase the value of your property well beyond your initial investment, an investment that you can enjoy. Emberlok also offers a more modern approach - the firepit in both square and round configurations. Or if you think your space can handle it, consider a customized double width fireplace. All FireRock and Emberlok products, being modular, easily lend themselves to customization.


Approved for Indoor Use

U.L. 127 Compliant, ULC S610 M87
A.N.S.I. Z21.91 – 2007 Compliant

All FireRock Products are made primarily of pumice, fly ash, special cement and precision engineered, resulting in a strong, 3000 PSI, compressive strength.

As these products are all made of the same materials using the same high quality manufacturing processes, all Fireplace installations have been eligible for SIte Specific Approvals.

Warnock-Hersey LogoAs of this writing FireRock products, namely the Rumford and See-Thru have been approved for Canadian indoor use. These have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Factory-Built Fireplaces (CAN/ULC-S610) and are identified with the Warnock Hersey Listed Mark.

In order to take advantage of very low "Clearances to Combustibles" specifications all installations of FireRock products must be carried out in exact accordance with the specific Installation Manual for the product.

Certifications can be found on Page 1 of both the Rumford Manual and the See-Thru Manual.

Architectural drawings are available for all FireRock Products, for your convenience.

PDF's on this page and for Professionals, in DXF and DWG formats by contacting FireRock Canada.

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